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Profil "JUNIEL"

Name : Choi Junhee
Stage Name: JUNIEL
Birth: 3rd September 1993
Height: 163 cm
Bloodtype: B
Hobby: Composing, Reading,Hiking
Favourite month: April
Favourite flower: Sakura
JAPAN indie: April 29th, 2011
JAPAN major debut: November,2nd 2011
KOREAN debut: June,7th 2012 @ Mnet M!Countdown with the song ‘illa-illa’

Fact about JUNIEL:
Has no fanclub name yet
She was born in a hospital in Seoul at 12:34
Her real name was JUNIE (JunHee) and added “L” for her stage name. L means Love, that’s why she is JUNIEL now. The idea was given by FNC Japan president.
She is the first female musician in FNCmusic.
She practised guitar so hard even though her finger got swollen, up to a point that she couldn’t move her fingers. She composes songs very well. Whenever I see her, I’m amazed by her.” FNC Entertainment CEO- Han sungho
She sang in FT Island’s Magic chorus.
Loves doing street live at Shinjuku
Her hobbies are song writing and playing piano.
In the day, she studied & at night, she had guitar lessons.
She’s a guitarist and  she loves her guitar a lot.
Juniel decided to go Japan in June last year to study more about music.
In Japan, She won singer-songwriter audition program ‘Niji Iro Supernova’ (2010)
She went for guitar lessons in FNC together with FTI’s Seunghyun & CNB’s Jonghyun.
She finds it difficult to write sad lyrics because she is a very happy person.
She has a “dongsaeng” JUNIER whose first debut is May 12th 2011.
Because her name is “Juni”el, so she does her oneman live concert every 12 each month. (Juni has the same pronouncation as “Jyuu ni”, 12 in Japanese). The last onemanlive was Feb 15th, 2012
“Cat Day” was actually written for her “Dog”
“Boy” and “Happy Day” were songs for her first love.
“Boy” was made when she was 3-year in middle school.
Juniel had boyfriend (first love) in middle school, but due on his busy schedule for trainee, they met only thrice a year
Her first boyfriend was a bassist, but Juniel said he wasnt a trainee or anything, just ordinary boy.
She doesn’t like rain.
She likes sea more than mountain and likes sky more than sea.
She thinks in Japanese, Kanji is the most difficult to learn.
She wore ‘yukata’ (Japanese traditional clothes) in her onemanlive once, and Wearing “Hanbok”, Korean traditional clothes on her live show is one of her dream.
Juniel was the opening-star for Oh Wonbin’s Japan tour & FT Island’s Zeep Tokyo Tour 2011.
Juniel’s oneman live tickets were handmade ticket, made by herself.
She ever sells handmade CD for charity.
Her first Japan Major debut on Nov 2nd,2011 with the single <Forever>
Juniel’s first electric guitar named “Monami” (mon ami=my friend, in French)
Juniel’s acoustic guitar’s name is “Panini” (Panini is a name of Italian sandwiches, Juniel likes sandwiches, maybe that’s the reason? kk). This guitar’s brand is TAYLOR, type: Baby Big.
Juniel’s favorite color is Yellow
Juniel’s favorite singer is Shiina Ringo.
When she was elementary, she wanted to be a cool singer like BoA, she learned dancing, but she doesn’t have that talent. And move on to guitar.
She likes “Peppertones” since Junior high
Before entering FNC, juniel did audition in many company such as SM, JYP,  etc but the result wasn’t good.  And a company she was in, was once disappeared.
Juniel is Yonghwa’s senior in trainee because Juniel signed contract with FNC 2 hours earlier than Yonghwa in the same day.
Juniel’s favorite place in Korea is Buchella cafe (sells sandwiches) in Shinsadong and her favorite menu is sandwich with avocado and shrimp
Juniel doesn’t like alcohol and soda
Dream & Hope was composed to encourage her friend whose guitar is called “Banana” (downcast voice, sobbing, guitar, banana is one of the line in the lyric) and recently, there is a news that AOA Jimin’s guitar is called as “Banana” too

Source: @junieljp + juniel's ameblo/ + TsukiIchiMUSIK + Hanchu + @ylwshs12(translate)
Credit: + junielsg.wordpress + junielindo.wordpress
Edited + Reposted: agassi skull

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